An update on reopening the Cinema

We’ve been getting lots of questions about when we’ll be reopening. We’re writing today to give you the latest news on what’s happening here at the Cinema Arts Centre.

Although the reopening guidelines for movie theaters in New York State remain unclear, it appears as though cinemas may soon be able to open their doors once again. While we are thrilled about what this means for movie theaters, at our community cinema there is still important work to do.

Prior to the pandemic, many of you had generously donated money for the installation of new seats. These kind contributions, which are restricted by law to this purpose and can’t be used for anything else, are making it possible for us to take advantage of our temporary closure to complete this project. Along with brand new seats, we are putting in new carpets, increasing our handicap accessibility, and installing new soundproofing.

Right now, work is underway on the building and our cinema spaces, to ensure that the theater experience will be as safe as possible. We are currently making improvements to the cinema and instituting extra cleanliness measures throughout the building. These include introducing touchless payment options, improving our ventilation system, contracting a deep cleaning service, setting up sanitation stations, and installing sneeze guards.

Completing all of these projects means that we’ll be closed for at least another couple of months even if New York State gives us the immediate go ahead to reopen.

As we look towards reopening, we have committed to holding ourselves to the highest possible safety standards. We see our members and patrons as part of our Cinema family, and we want to protect you all as if you were members of our own families. We have committed to going above and beyond to ensure that our space is as safe as possible, even if it means staying closed beyond what the State mandates.

We know many of you are as anxious as we are to resume regular screenings at the cinema. We are looking forward to the day when we can sit down for a screening or discussion with our dedicated supporters, but during this unusual moment in our lives, we need to put the health and safety of our members, patrons, and staff first.

Although this has been a challenging time, we are excited that we will be reopening as a brighter, fresher, more comfortable, safer, and all-around better Cinema.

It’s hard to express how much we appreciate your continued support and love for the cinema. It’s sometimes said that hard times are when you learn who your true friends really are. If that’s correct, we can genuinely say how blessed we are to live in a community of kind and supportive friends. We are deeply moved by how many of you have chosen to renew your memberships, and make contributions over the past six months, even though our physical doors are currently closed. We ask that you bear with us for a little while longer, so that when we reopen those doors, it will be as the best community cinema that we can be.