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Thanks to our December donors, we have received the full value of our $20,000 matching grant from the Alpern Family Foundation! We are so grateful to the Alpern Family Foundation and all of our donors for supporting our virtual programs and our work toward our reopening day through contributions to the Life of Our Cinema Campaign.

Our Campaign Closes on January 31, 2021!

Having trouble making a donation online? While our offices are closed, you can schedule a time for a personal call so we can help you over the phone.  CLICK HERE.

Our 2020 campaign, closing on 1/31/21, has been the 10th anniversary of naming our annual campaign for our late co-founder Vic Skolnick. We named our campaign for Vic shortly after his death as an ongoing tribute as we continue the work of engaging our community in the life and future of the Cinema Arts Centre.

It’s significant that this milestone anniversary coincides with the existential challenges that 2020 has brought to the world. What better time to be reminded of our roots as community builders and innovators who brought cultural, social, educational, and economic transformation to our area. While it may be coincidental, it is also deeply meaningful that this is an anniversary campaign with a heritage and a foundation in the hearts, minds, and lives of the people in our community. This is our campaign and our independent community cinema. This legacy and this opportunity belongs to all of us.

This year, more than ever, we have all been asking ourselves, “What do we want our future to look like? What can we do to make that future possible?” These are the questions that Vic asked himself throughout his life and when he co-founded our cinema in 1973, with us, and we began to build a cinema culture that would make in-person independent film screenings accessible on Long Island for the first time. We tell powerful stories, amplify underrepresented voices, and host community experiences that build empathy and understanding.

When Vic died in 2010, many of our members shared reflections and messages with us. We remain heartened by this show of support then, and your support now. As one of our members wrote in a message to Vic, “We will not let the torch fall to the ground.”

We will not.

All of us are working hard toward our reopening day. Thank you for helping us to continue to contribute to a world where we experience the movies together in our independent community cinema and home away from home.

We are asking you to be here for us today, so we can continue to be here for you tomorrow. Please consider making a fully tax-deductible contribution now.

The idea of expression and communication and understanding other cultures, those are all the values that make good, kind people. And I think that’s all we can hope to engender in this world.

Alan Cumming

The Cinema Arts Centre is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization.  The mission of the Cinema Arts Centre is to bring the best in cinematic artistry to Long Island, and use the power of film to expand the awareness and consciousness of our community.  

We make a difference in our community by:

  • Using the power of film to create empathy in a world where empathy is greatly needed
  • Providing a venue for conversations and connections, serving as a true community center and what many of our members call their “home away from home”
  • Generating approximately $7,000,000 in spending in our local economy through our role as an employer and our ability to attract visitors to our area
  • Educating and mobilizing on important issues that are relevant to our members and patrons

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Thanks to our generous donors:

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Peter Gollon and Abby Pariser
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Lauren Rankin & Gregg Girard
Lucille & Mark Raskin
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Margaret Sammis
Jude Schanzer & Mark Shanholtz
Joanne Schenendorf
Rainer Schwarz
Raymond Scott
Robert Sherlock
Ellen Slater
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