Volunteers are an important part of the every-day workings of the Cinema Arts Centre.  Volunteers are part of our office culture and are here almost every day to help with a variety of important administrative tasks.  Volunteers help with data entry, filing, mailings, cleaning and so much more.

We also use volunteers to help with our special programs, like ushering or running the microphone to members of the audience during question and answer sessions.


To learn more about administrative or program volunteer opportunities, please email:


A deeply impactful way to volunteer is to support our fundraising endeavors such as helping to raise money for the Vic Skolnick Life of Our Cinema Campaign, recruiting new members during our Spring Membership Sale and helping solicit in-kind sponsors for special events and help with other fundraising endeavors.  Cinema Arts Centre MEMBERS who are interested in supporting fundraising endeavors are invited to explore the following opportunities:

Join our Circle of Friends!

Become a Volunteer Campaigner for the Vic Skolnick Life of OUR Cinema Campaign!

To learn more about becoming a fundraising volunteer, please contact:
René Bouchard
(631) 423-7610, ext. 18

It would be difficult to quantify the value of the work that is contributed by our generous volunteers.  We are so grateful to have such a dedicated and generous group.

Does your company have a volunteer incentive program?  Many companies will make financial contributions to the organizations where their employees volunteer.  Click HERE for a partial list of US companies with Volunteer Incentive Programs.