For sponsorship opportunities, please contact rene@cinemaartscentre.org.
CLICK HERE to learn about our Corporate Patron Program.

Special thanks to Stuart and Ginger Polisner for their ongoing support of the Real-to-Reel Documentary Series, the Creativity Series, and the Filmmakers to Watch Series.

Sponsors whose financial or in-kind contributions exceed $1,000/year are listed alphabetically here for one-year from date of most recent contribution.

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Financial or in-kind sponsors giving $500 – $999/year or the equivalent are listed alphabetically here for one-year from date of most recent contribution.

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Become a Sponsor!


“As a locally-owned and community-minded business, we cherish the opportunity to partner with and support one of the same! Their special events are always unique, fun, and interesting. Being in the business that we’re in, sponsoring many receptions at the Cinema throughout the year is a perfect fit. The CAC team always give us a lot of ‘bang for our buck,’ often over-delivering on their promise to help promote our business whenever possible. When we sponsor an event, we see our logo all over the place. The extra recognition is always appreciated and makes us feel like we are truly getting a noticeable return on our investment. They are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend that businesses do whatever they can to become supporters of the Cinema Arte Centre!” – Mark Herman, General Manager, Bottles and Cases

“My patients have been thrilled and full of smiles when we tell them that they get to experience their new clear vision at the movies, on us. I love that it makes them happy. Both I and my entire team at Huntington Eye Care are delighted to be able to give in a meaningful way to our favorite cultural Long Island icon.” – Dr. Paul Krawitz, Huntington Eye Care


Be Seen by Your Prospective Customers!

Financial and In-kind sponsorship of the Cinema Arts Centre— with approximately 150,000 visitors each year and over 10,500 members—is an opportunity for great exposure to a diverse constituency. By sponsoring the Cinema Arts Centre you will align your business with a beloved cultural icon and increase visibility of your business to our loyal and passionate community members.  Feel free to download any of the following materials:

Schedule of Benefits, Series
Schedule of Benefits, Single Event
Reception Sponsorship, In-Kind

A Visible Partnership
Fact Sheet
Member Map

Financial and in-kind sponsorship opportunities are always available.  For more information, call Rene Bouchard, Director of Development, at (631) 423-7610 x18 or e-mail rene@cinemaartscentre.org.Cinema Arts Centre’s sponsors and partners have benefited from exposure to our broad constituency through:

  • The Cinema Arts Centre’s monthly program guide (distribution: 20,000)
  • The Cinema Arts Centre website (Nearly 300,000 annual page views)
  • Slides in our 3 theaters, 4 shows daily (Over 10,000 visitors each month)
  • Posters, flyers and signage at our facility (Over 10,000 visitors each month)
  • Electronic newsletters and email announcements (Over 22,000 subscribers)
  • Features on the Cinema Arts Centre’s Facebook and twitter pages (Over 13,000 followers)


Purchasing ads on our screens or in our monthly program guide is another great way to gain exposure to our deeply engaged members and patrons.

Rates, On Screen
Rates, Program Guide

Financial or in-kind sponsors giving $100 – $499/year or the equivalent are listed alphabetically here for one-year from date of most recent contribution.

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