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YES! I choose to make a fully tax-deductible, unrestricted, non-membership donation to the Cinema Arts Centre.

Make a Donation!

7 2The average amount of money the Cinema Arts Centre earns through tickets sales is about $7 per attendee.

17 2Everything it takes to run the Cinema – including film rental and shipping, electricity, supplies and staff – costs an average $17 per attendee.

minus 10 2That means for every person who comes to the Cinema Arts Centre, it costs us about $10.

How do we raise that $10 per person?

The Cinema Arts Centre is supported by the New York State Council for the Arts, Suffolk County, the Town of Huntington, and a few private grant-makers such as the Alpern Family Foundation. We also sell some advertising and sell a variety of healthy, all-natural foods in our Sky Room Café, including our famous organic popcorn. Membership accounts for about 20% of our revenue. But additional fully tax-deductible non-membership donations from our members and supporters are a critical to this equation.

Why don’t we just raise ticket prices?

Accessibility and diversity are central to our mission. This includes economic diversity. Our aim is to reduce barriers to accessing independent film arts. That means we must subsidize the experience of our film-goers in order to keep our ticket prices affordable. Our community helps us to do that through tax-deductible contributions.

We are very careful with your donations!

Year after year, our independent audits show that we spend about 80% of our revenue on program expenses, and only 20% on all administration, overhead and fundraising.

Please give today.

Click the link above to make your contribution today, or download this form and mail it to:

Cinema Arts Centre
423 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

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